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Here you have access to rich, unique and educational resources, to help you understand and create authentic welcome and hospitality, in all your activities, and also in your lives.

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Here you will find my articles, created from global research, exclusive interviews and true experiences, which will reveal the essence of authentic welcome and memorable hospitality.

Visions of Authenticity

Exceptional creators, in all disciplines of art, crafts and flavors, deliver their vision of authenticity, in an exclusive and intimate interview; unveiling their vision in their profession, between tradition and innovation, and their philosophy of life.


With conferences, I provide master classes to your students, employees and managers, to master the wheels of true welcome and heart-based hospitality. Other themes are still to come…



 In an increasingly digitalized world, authentic luxury allows a return to the essence of being, to authentic human relationships, and to wondering in welcome and hospitality, while being amazed by beauty, good and true things.

Exclusive Content

Subscribe, and you will have access to exclusive articles, on essential themes, issued from interviews and global research, to shed light on the essence of the good, the beautiful and the true that is present or to be created in our wonderful world.

Here articles and unique contents to reveal a unique knowledge on the essence of authentic welcome and memorable hospitality. 

Visions of Authenticity
by exceptional creators

Exceptional creators, in all disciplines of art, crafts and flavors, deliver their vision of authenticity here in an exclusive and intimate manner; in their profession, between tradition and innovation, and in their philosophy of life.


This unique conference in France, lasting a day or half a day, will allow you to understand everything about the importance of authentic luxury, and how to deploy it through genuine welcome and hospitality in order to retain and amaze your customers. A master course that is suitable for all audiences: professionals, students, employees and managers, for a rich and dense moment, where I share all my experience and expertise on these subjects.

An exclusive conference

Discover the secrets of authentic hospitality, from the luxury hotel industry:


To transform each meeting into a memorable experience for your customers, where human warmth and service excellence combine harmoniously


Discover the essence of hospitality, master the techniques and interpersonal skills that make the difference


Evaluate the impacts for your offer and your business, and allow you to stand out sustainably with a memorable welcome

And other themes still to come……


I am available and attentive to your needs, to find together the most suitable solutions for the lasting change you want, by restoring meaning and authenticity to your welcome and hospitality.

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